"A new style of hospitality in Lucca"

Bed & Breakfast Palazzo Rocchi is managed by the heirs of the Rocchi Burlamacchi family, who have been the owners of the Palazzo since 1800.

Mrs Anna - together with her daughters-in-law, Maria and Silvana, and her granddaughters, Elena, Carolina, Anna and little Emma and Alessandra - has personally overseen all of the work carried out in each of the rooms, taking special care over the quality of the furnishings, which are mostly family pieces, as well as their comfort. This is particularly true for the Suite dell'Ammiraglio, where Mrs Alessandra and her sisters slept for a long period of time.

The Bed & Breakfast boasts two double bedrooms and three suites that can house a total of 10 guests, but can be stretched to welcome 14.  Furthermore, it is located on the third floor of the Palazzo and can be easily reached by taking the lift that has been recently installed.



The reception is located in the same spot of the apartment that once housed the Tipografia Rocchi. From here, guests can access the two rooms as well as the small veranda where breakfast is served. This area features original terracotta floors, quite unlike the rest of the house, whose rooms are decorated with oak parquet floors arranged into different designs.


Camera Rosa / Camera Verde

Both the Camera Rosa and Camera Verde are decorated with frescoes that feature the characteristic designs used throughout the Palazzo and overlook Piazza San Michele from right behind the Romanesque apse of the church. Each room is furnished with a king-sized bed that can be turned into two single beds and has an en-suite bathroom with a shower.


Main Hall

The main hall is found up a short flight of stairs from the Reception area and was once used as a ballroom. Decorated in the empire-style, it still contains its original, 19th century tapestries. The Bed & Breakfast’s three suites overlook the main hall, which has been provided as a pleasant common area where guests can chat and relax. 


Suite dell’Ammiraglio

The Suite dell’Ammiraglio is approximately 70 m², with large windows enjoying a view over Piazza San Michele. All three of its rooms have decorated walls and ceilings. The bedroom is furnished with a large, king-size canopied bed and period furniture, while the living room has been decorated with great care and features an antique sofa that can be turned into a third bed, if necessary. The bathroom boasts a painted coffer ceiling, red marble floors and walls decorated with green faux tapestries. Furthermore, its central tub has been designed specifically to provide a pleasant, peaceful spots where guests can unwind.


Suite del Camino

The Suite del Camino is approximately 40 m² in size and overlooks a number of traditional internal courtyards typical of Lucca. The suite contains two rooms with painted coffer ceilings and gold inlays.  Paintings of idyllic landscapes have been positioned over its antique Carrara marble fireplace as well as the wall opposite it to give the room the same atmosphere of ethereal elegance enjoyed in the bedroom. The bathroom was designed entirely in Carrara marble, embellished with grey marble decorations, and has been fitted with an ample shower. Furthermore, the bedroom is furnished with a queen-size bed, while an antique sofa is found in the living room and can be turned into an additional bed.


Suite della Torre

The Suite della Torre is located in the last section of the apartment, where the ancient medieval stone tower used to be. The small room that has been turned into an antechamber features a painted ceiling, while the bedroom and white and grey marble bathroom – with shower - have decorated coffer ceilings.  With its approximately 30 m² size, this suite is the smallest of the three. Nonetheless, it has the best views of the Piazza from the two large windows on the façade. From here, guests can enjoy a stunning view of the marbles of the Chiesa di San Michele while lying comfortably on their queen-size bed.





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