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The piazza was built over Lucca’s ancient Roman Forum, where all of the city’s administrative and commercial activities once took place. Later, building works to construct the striking Chiesa di San Michele – from which the piazza took its name – were begun in 1070. The statue of the St. Michael the Archangel as he is about to kill the dragon is found on the façade of the church and has become a symbol of the city itself.

Today, the piazza continues to be one of the liveliest spots in Lucca. It plays host to lovely cafes with outdoor tables, as well as beautiful shops and traditional markets, which are held at various different times throughout the year.

Bellavista, Coro, Melo, Grano are two luxury apartments located inside the elegant palazzo that stands in front of the apse of the Chiesa di San Michele. The palazzo has been skilfully renovated to provide top quality accommodation featuring elegant furnishings and select materials.
The palazzo has a wide staircase and a comfortable lift.